Table Of Contents

Introduction Page

Foundational Section

What Is A Christian?

God's Love Towards Us

The Spirit Indwelling

Faith In Christ

Christ's Sacrifice: Once For All

Abiding In Christ

Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory

Communing With God

The Secret Place

A Meditation On God's Presence

Presence Conscious

Lifelong Allegiance To Christ

Hindrances To Christ's Presence Within

Various Hindrances

The Hindrance Of Lukewarmness

The Hindrance Of Gossip

The Hindrance Of Abiding In Self

The Hindrance Of Legalism

Rules And Regulations Or The Standard Of The Holy Spirit?

The Remedy: Brokenness, Humility, Love


Jacobs Limp

True And Counterfeit Humility

A Letter On Humility And Lowliness Of Mind


Online Christian Books by Watchman Nee

The Release Of The Spirit

The Normal Christian Life

The Spiritual Man

The Normal Christian Church Life

The Body Of Christ: A Reality

The Latent Power Of The Soul

Inspiring Early Quaker Christian Writings by Isaac Penington

About Isaac Penington

Are You A Christian?

Worship In Spirit And In Truth

Wholesome Spiritual Letters

Feeding On The Heavenly Manna

Come Out Of Her My People

The Blood Of Christ

A Touchstone Or Trial Of Faith

The Great And Sole Troubler Of The Times

The New Birth


Miscellaneous Christian Writings


Early Quaker Spirituality

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