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(The information in this website was written or compiled/gathered between 1992 - 2003, or thereabout.)

Initially this web page was intended for my own personal use. It contains some books I found online that were encouraging to me. It also contains articles built from quotes I gleaned from edifying books I read. There are also a few articles that I wrote in my own words for the purpose of sorting out what I not only read, but also what I was quickened to and personally experienced. However, I am not at the spiritual stature that I point people to in this web page which is why I did not really want to share it with a lot of people. But I decided to make this web page public in case there are writings in here that may be helpful to some people, other than myself.

The main emphasis of this web page is Christ in you..." The foundation of the Christian life is Christ living in the believer. A Christian is not necessarily someone who believes in the historical existence of Jesus. Nor is a Christian necessarily someone who fills their memory with Bible verses and then uses willpower and emotion to obey the teachings they read about in the Bible. Though all this has its place, true Christianity is nevertheless deeper than all this. Christianity is all about receiving a new divine nature, a new heart, a new mind, a new consciousness, a new spirit within whom dwells the holy Spirit. New wine must be put into new bottles. God gives people a new spirit (a new bottle) through faith in Christ and He places the holy Spirit (new wine) in their spirit to inspire, guide, instruct, counsel and to lead them to heaven.

When Christ is living in the believer in this way they have a spiritual mind which was the same mind that was in Jesus. They have the Spirit of Christ living in them. When this is the case not only can a Christian receive truth from the written word, but they can receive spiritual sustenance and inspiration from within. Christ can feed and guide them from within. Keep in mind, however, that what Christ teaches us in spirit will not contradict what He teaches us in the written word. And when it comes to personal day to day guidance it is a growing process to understand what He shows us in spirit. Also, be encouraged that there are mature believers who have their spiritual senses exercised to discern Christ's voice and they never point younger believers to themselves or to their ministry but to the place in spirit where Christ is found. They help young believers to feel after Him and to listen for His voice and they help them discern His counsel until they are rooted in His presence and grow to hear Him clearly on their own.

But as a word of caution it is worth mentioning that not everyone who quiets their mind will necessarily be able to hear God's voice. There is a negative passive silence that one can enter that opens the door for receiving guidance from misleading spirits. This is especially the case when someone does not have the Spirit of Christ (or they have quenched the Spirit) and are full of ego, pride, greed, lust. The purer the heart and the stronger our faith in Christ the more likely will we be able to correctly interpret what He shows us in Spirit. But if we attempt to go within with self centered ulterior motives, more than likely will we me misled by a false spirit (perhaps posing as a being of light).

Anyway, the articles included in this web site are intended to encourage people to search their heart to see whether Christ is living in them or not. The web site is for both believers and unbelievers.

For unbelievers it points them to Christ, particularly the following article and book: God's Love Towards Us and The Normal Christian Life.

For believers it is intended to encourage them to continue to walk in the Spirit. It is also intended to rekindle the assurance and faith of those who have Christ living in them but who have neglected to keep communication open with Him and/or who don't live deep enough. It is intended for those who may do many good works and may excel in gifts of the Spirit (healing, prophecy, simplicity of life style, know all mysteries etc.), but who neglect true spiritual living which is a day by day walk in the Spirit. Such might find the following books helpful: The Release Of The Spirit and The Spiritual Man.

The work of darkness is to cut that connection believers have with the spiritual mind and nature of Christ in their spirit. When that is the case a believer becomes like a withered branch. The power to overcome sin is no longer accessible to them. But grace is available when the inner link with the Spirit of Christ is kept open and clear through daily quiet time and prayer. This is what it means to abide in Christ, to abide in the vine, to walk in the Spirit. It is all about learning how to live ones life from within ones spirit rather than living life according to the dictates of the flesh, surface mind, ego, feelings and emotions.

If you read the various articles and books at this web site in light of what is shared on this introduction page, it should all be made clear to you with no confusion. It is probably best to read through the web page when you have the desire and the time to consider what is written here. If you are in a rush or are burned out by reading other things on the web it is best to set this web page aside and read it when you have the time.

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